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Despicable Me has turned 10 years old, so here's so fun blog facts that you may not have known.

Disney-Pixar's new movie Soul is making a bid for diverse African-American representation. Check out the making of the film with this video here on the blog.

In anticipation of Disney's live-action Mulan remake, Cineworlder Scott J. Davis looks at some upcoming Disney reboots – and several more that need to be made.

Watch Tangled animator Marc Smith demonstrate how to animate classic character Rapunzel.

Avengers: Endgame duo the Russo brothers are producing Disney's live-action Hercules movie. Blog details here.

Looking for Disney inspiration? Then keep the kids entertained with the delightful Frozen series Olaf At Home. Watch them here on the blog.

Everyone loves a Disney villain, but what about those overlooked characters? Here's our Cineworld blog list.

Who have shared the best Disney friendships of all time? Here's our Cineworld blog list of classics.

Here's our Cineworld blog list of classic all-ages family movies, suitable for those aged 5 to 105.

To celebrate National Pet Day, here's our Cineworld blog list of the most adorable pet movies.

Keep the kids educated, occupied and entertained during the lockdown with Into Film's interactive movie guides.

Many of us are stuck at home and in need of an uplift, so take stock in our Cineworld blog list of culinary movie classics.

Fantastic Beasts 3 is on the horizon, and actor Dan Fogler says we can expect epic things from our third dose of J.K. Rowling magic.

With the UK's kids currently compelled to study at home, we wondered: what are the best home-schooling movies of all time?

If you're stuck indoors with the children, print off these fun Cineworld activity sheets here on the blog, and keep them engaged with movies.

Enjoy discounted childrens and family ticket prices in Cineworld. Get more details here on the blog.

Watch Tom Holland talk about Disney-Pixar's new movie Onward here on the blog.

Colin Firth and Julie Walters star in the new adaptation of classic novel The Secret Garden. Here's why you need to see it in Cineworld this Easter.

Jamie Foxx is a jazzy soul, quite literally, in the charming trailer for Disney-Pixar's ambitious-looking Soul. Watch it here on the blog.

Disney movie Jungle Cruise pairs Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt for a rip-roaring Amazonian adventure. Watch the latest trailer here on the blog.

Here's why you need to watch Disney-Pixar movie Onward, featuring the voices of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, in Cineworld.

Disney-Pixar's latest movie Onward, featuring the vocal talents of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, screens in advance as part of Onward Day. Book your tickets here on the blog.

To celebrate the release of Disney-Pixar's Onward and Soul in 2020, we're taking you on a nostalgia-fuelled journey through the studio's classic films. This week: Toy Story 2.

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