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Disney-Pixar's new movie Soul is making a bid for diverse African-American representation. Check out the making of the film with this video here on the blog.

The 2020 Cannes Film Festival may not be going ahead, but enter the blog to discover the movies they're championing.

Stuck at home and looking for movie inspiration? We've rounded up nine movies on Rotten Tomatoes with a rare 100% approval rating.

Who have shared the best Disney friendships of all time? Here's our Cineworld blog list of classics.

Many of us are stuck at home and in need of an uplift, so take stock in our Cineworld blog list of culinary movie classics.

Looking for some good news? Well Cineworlder Andy Murray is here with his blog list round-up of all the upcoming Disney movies.

From Tom Holland to Samuel L. Jackson, we've collected our eight favourite Cineworld interviews to lift you out of the funk.

Enjoy discounted childrens and family ticket prices in Cineworld. Get more details here on the blog.

Watch Tom Holland talk about Disney-Pixar's new movie Onward here on the blog.

Jamie Foxx is a jazzy soul, quite literally, in the charming trailer for Disney-Pixar's ambitious-looking Soul. Watch it here on the blog.

There are loads of must-see family movies to choose from in Cineworld this year. Starting with Disney-Pixar's Onward, Cineworlder Jon Fuge rounds up several of them.

Here's why you need to watch Disney-Pixar movie Onward, featuring the voices of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, in Cineworld.

Disney-Pixar's latest movie Onward, featuring the vocal talents of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, screens in advance as part of Onward Day. Book your tickets here on the blog.

2020 brings us two Disney-Pixar movies in the form of Onward and Soul. To celebrate their release, we're going back to the start and recapping all of the studio's childhood-defining classics.

To celebrate the release of Disney-Pixar's Onward and Soul in 2020, we're taking you on a nostalgia-fuelled journey through the studio's classic films. This week: Toy Story 2.

Disney-Pixar's latest movie Onward showcases the vocal talents of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, and the first reviews are in. Discover them here on the blog.

To celebrate the release of Disney-Pixar's Onward and Soul this year, we're revisiting all the generation-defining classics that have emerged from the studio. This week: A Bug's Life.

To celebrate the release of Disney-Pixar's Onward, we're revisiting all the generation-defining classics that have emerged from the studio. We're starting as they say at the beginning, with the release of the landmark Toy Story.

Ahead of the release of Disney-Pixar's Onward, Cineworlder Andy Murray revisits seven of their most magical short movies that captured our hearts.

One of 2020's biggest family movies is Disney-Pixar's Soul, featuring the voice of Jamie Foxx. Cineworlder Hannah Dixon is here with everything we know so far.

Sam Mendes' acclaimed World War I drama 1917 wins the big prize at the Producers Guild Awards, which may bode well for its Oscar chances.

Disney-Pixar returns with heartwarming brothers road-trip movie Onward. And this is the cue for Cineworlder Sarah Buddery to look back at some classics.

Cineworld blog editor Sean Wilson selects his 10 greatest films of the decade. What will be his choices? Enter the blog to find out.

Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 4 finally arrives on the big screen, reuniting us with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang. Book your Cineworld tickets here for the new Toy Story movie and more.

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