Tenet: 5 awesome-looking scenes we can't wait to experience in IMAX

Christopher Nolan's new movie Tenet arrives in the UK and Ireland on 26th August. Thing is, we still don't know an awful lot about it, other than the phrase 'time-inversion'.

What we do know is that it has an excellent cast, led by John David Washington, and slick, overwhelming IMAX visuals. Nolan has long been a champion of the format, going way back to The Dark Knight. And he's now reunited with Interstellar and Dunkirk cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema to craft a breathtakingly immersive experience.

So, in the absence of concrete plot details, we've gone back to the trailer to highlight the stupendous-looking sequences that are sure to blow us all away in IMAX.


1. The freeway chase

Shot on a highway in Estonia, this ambitious set-piece has reverse-engineered car crashes and actor Robert Pattinson doing his own driving. The prospect of Nolan doing a car chase on a large budget ($205 million) is exciting enough. Throw enough temporal anomalies into the mix, and we're poised to get a stunning IMAX-lensed variant on the format.

2. The building jump

Again, we don't know the context of this scene, in which Washington's unnamed protagonist scales an apartment block. But we know that Nolan revels in a sense of scale and awe, from the docking sequence in Interstellar to the opening bank robbery in The Dark Knight. He can make even the most humdrum of actions look incredible in IMAX.

3. The concert siege

Again, we're assuming that it is a concert under attack. There are many questions we have about this scene, namely, why are the audience members unconscious? The expansive environment of the concert hall is surely catnip for Nolan, who promises to craft another rollicking IMAX action scene without resorting to CGI.

4. The backwards-forwards fight

Much has been made of Tenet's innovative filming techniques. This includes sequences that were shot both forwards and backwards, to achieve the surreal 'time-inversion' effect. This is sure to blow us all away in its IMAX presentation. 

5. The plane crash

In The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy's Bane revealed his scheme to crash a plane. When it came to shooting a pivotal air crash scene in Tenet, Nolan wasn't about to cut corners. Instead, he got hold of a real airliner and ploughed it into a hangar. Need we say more about why this film deserves and demands to be seen in IMAX?

Click here to book your IMAX tickets for Tenet. The film opens in the UK and Ireland on 26th August.