9 reasons why you need to join Cineworld Unlimited in 2020

Upgrade to Cineworld Unlimited and embark on your extraordinary new Cineworld journey today. Here's what you're currently missing out on...


1. Pay less

Now's the right time to sign up to Cineworld Unlimited: pay just £15.70 a month when you pay for a year in advance*. (Price for Leicester Square is £17.80.)


2. Enjoy massive movies

This August, Christopher Nolan's mysterious epic Tenet finally arrives om Cineworld screens. We don't know anything about the storyline (classic Nolan), so you'll just have to dive in. Also in August: X-Men spin-off movie The New Mutants. In short, there are plenty of reasons to dust off your Unlimited card, or sign up for the first time.

3. Use your card to enjoy Tenet multiple times

Rumour has it that, like a lot of Christopher Nolan films, you'll need to see Tenet more than once to decipher its time-inversion storyline. Good thing you've got that Unlimited card to hand...

4. Get free cinema for (and from) your friends

Recommend Unlimited to your friends and we’ll give you free months of membership to say thank you. For every friend that signs up using your unique Recommend a Friend code you will both receive one month’s free membership once they have been an active Unlimited member for 90 days. The free month will be automatically added to the end of your current subscription. You can earn a maximum of 12 free months with your Recommend a Friend code, so recommend Unlimited to 12 friends and you could get a full year of free Unlimited cinema! Once you’ve signed up, click here to get your unique code 

5. Save money on your favourite things

Experiencing the latest movies is one thing. But what’s a cinema trip without some tasty treats? With your Unlimited card, you can enjoy 10% off all food and drink purchased in-cinema at any time of the day. Your discount goes up to 25% after your first year when you get upgraded to the Unlimited black card. And that’s not all – you even get a 10% discount at all of our in-cinema Starbucks.


6. Upgrade your movie experience

Whether you’re already a big fan of IMAX or finally want to find out what 4DX or ScreenX is all about – with your Unlimited card you can discover our special formats for less. For a small uplift, you can experience films to the fullest in IMAX, be moved in your seats with 4DX, go beyond the frame with 270 degree ScreenX, discover our huge Superscreen, or make a special occasion extra special with VIP (currently available at Cineworld at the O2 Greenwich, Cheltenham, York, Glasgow Renfrew Street and Sheffield).

7. Tuck into the action

Planning to treat yourself to a nice meal out? We'll let you in on something cool – Unlimited members enjoy 25% off food and drink at Café Rouge, Bella Italia and Las Iguanas.


8. Enjoy advance screenings

Be the first to see a movie with our special Unlimited member advance screenings. We make sure our Unlimited customers are some of the first to see a movie, so we organise special preview screenings, days, weeks and sometimes even months before it's released to the general public. We'll send you updates on future screenings via our Unlimited Newsletter.

9. It's weatherproof!

Fed up of being rained off by the soggy British weather? We know what it's like – that's why an Unlimited card is such a good investment. Stay secure and dry while enjoying the latest big-screen releases, from eye-widening blockbusters to chilling horrors, rib-tickling comedies to endearing romantic dramas.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up to Unlimited.

What do you love most about Unlimited? Drop us a message @Cineworld or #CineworldUnlimited – we want to hear from you!

*Terms and conditions