Scream: first reactions claim the movie is the best since the original

There's a line in Scream 4 that states: "Don't f**k with the original." Well, the upcoming Scream movie, the fifth in the classic horror franchise, may well have tweaked the formula to superlative effect. That's going by the initial reactions, which have lauded it as the best film in the series since the groundbreaking first movie. 

Released in 1996, Scream was directed by the late horror veteran Wes Craven and scripted by Kevin Williamson. Their combined sensibilities resulted in a movie that dissected and celebrated the slasher movie genre at the same time, focusing on the movie-savvy psycho Ghostface and the equally pop culture-literate victims whom he puts to the test. The film spawned four sequels, including the one we're discussing here, a host of rip-offs and several increasingly tiresome spoofs.

The fifth Scream film is helmed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet, themselves no strangers to ironic, bloodthirsty, darkly comic mayhem. Their 2019 film Ready Or Not, in which a young bride tools up to fight her ghoulish newlyweds in a chilling game of hide and seek, was a big hit, evoking laughs and gasps of shock in equal measure.

So, what is it about the new Scream movie that works so well? For one thing, the first reactions indicate it's a brutal, bloody and genuinely scary ride (given that it's rated 18 in the UK, we'd expect so). However, critics have also praised the directorial duo's ability to keep us guessing throughout, as they draw on the legacy of the Scream series while also throwing in several diabolically clever new twists. Here's a sampling of the reactions.














In the new movie, a resurgent Ghostface returns to the town of Woodsboro with the aim of shaking out more than a few skeletons in the closet. The persecuted Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) must once again reckon with her past as she schools a new generation in the art of surviving a horror movie. But is this new Ghostface about to completely change the rules?

Fellow Scream veterans Courteney Cox and David Arquette return as Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley while the new faces include Jack Quaid, Melissa Barrera, Mason Gooding and Jenna Ortega. Who will be doing the surviving, and who will be doing the slaying? 

We'll find out when Scream is released in Cineworld cinemas on 14th January. Ticket booking is open now, so be sure to bag your seat and hide behind your popcorn.