Cineworld Cinemas are re-opening | COVID-19 Customer Update and Safety Measures (updated)

All of our cinemas in the UK and Ireland are now back open. At Cineworld our priority remains the safety of our customers and employees. We follow all instructions and regulations of the local authorities and current government guidelines and regulations.



Due to the latest Covid-19 guidance from the Welsh government, you will need to provide proof of your COVID status to attend Cineworld cinemas in Wales from November 15. This is now a requirement for all cinemas in the country. Under 18s are exempt from this rule. Customers aged 18 or over who cannot provide one of the above forms of proof of their COVID status will be refused entry to our cinemas in Wales, in line with government requirements. You can find the official government guidance here and find out how to get a Covid Pass that is valid in Wales here.


In line with Covid-19 guidance from the Northern Irish government, you may need to provide proof of your COVID status to attend Cineworld Belfast. Under 18s are exempt from this rule. From December 13, when new guidelines come into effect, customers aged 18 or over who cannot provide proof of their COVID status will be refused entry.


It is not currently necessary to provide your Covid Status (i.e. proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test) to visit Cineworld cinemas in England or Scotland.


In our cinemas in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Jersey, face coverings continue to be mandatory for both customers and employees. In our cinemas in England, face coverings are no longer mandatory, in line with recent government guidance. However, we are encouraging our customers and employees to continue wearing face coverings and we will continue to provide face masks to our teams.


We continue to take part in public health authorities’ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contact Tracing schemes in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland and they will continue being mandatory where required. To find out more, please see 15. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contact Tracing (Section 4.11) of our privacy policy.


Hand sanitizer stations are provided in all cinemas for customers and employees.


All employee and customer toilets will continue to be stocked with anti-bacterial hand soap, and stringent handwashing guidelines will remain in place for all employees to supplement our current personal hygiene policy.


We have added screens at our concessions areas where social distancing cannot be maintained.


Our already high cleaning standards will continue to be enhanced by a cleaning programme designed to clean and sanitise the high touch points within the cinema.


All employees have received specific COVID-19 training and PPE will continue to be provided to employees where the risk assessment has deemed it necessary, in line with government requirements.


We encourage customers to book tickets in advance via our website and via the Cineworld app, available via iOS and Android. Confirmation emails can be used as tickets, and e-tickets are available on the app. 


Our tills accept contactless card payments up to a value of £45/€50 and Apple Pay/Google Pay mobile payments with no limit in our cinemas. The ticket machines in most of our cinemas also accept contactless payments and we’re working on upgrading the rest.

We look forward to welcoming you at Cineworld. If you have any questions please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions here

Thank you for your support and continued passion for cinema.
The Cineworld Team