Cineworld's Hollywood correspondent Becky D'Anna shares her highlights from Comic Con 2014


This year marked our Los Angeles correspondent and fellow fangirl, Becky D’Anna’s 10th trip to Comic-Con! We asked her to provide us with her 5 biggest moments from the pop culture convention and you can check them out below. 

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1) Paramount panel

Paramount saved their biggest surprise for last by bringing out Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan to discuss their upcoming movie Interstellar, followed by a first glimpse at the awe-inspiring trailer.

2) Sony Pictures panel

Jack Black charmed panel attendees by talking about his starring role in the Goosebumps movie – until he was escorted off the stage by 20 monsters from the books!

3) The Walking Dead panel

The cast and crew got the crowd fired up by showing a promo for the next season of the show and then letting us know it was going to be the most ambitious season yet!

4) X-Men: The Cerebro Experience

Using Oculus rift technology, this booth provided fans with an immersive, jaw-dropping experience straight into the heart of Cerebro!

5) Jamie and Becky

My absolute highlight of the con was meeting Jamie Bamber who starred as Apollo in one of my favorite science fiction TV series' of all time, Battlestar Galactica.