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Cineworld Blog

Welcome to the Cineworld blog - the one stop shop for all the latest movie and cinema news, gossip, games and competitions

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is released this May and introduces some new characters. Cineworlder George Nash 

Britain’s premier horror director is taking on Hellboy...

Make someone's Mother's Day that bit more special.

This April, actor David Harbour takes on the role of Big Red aka Hellboy in director Neil Marshall's gore-splattered comic book reboot. But where have you see him before? Cineworlder Robb Sheppard is here to help...

DiCaprio, Pitt, Roth, Madsen... They're all there in Tarantino's next outing.

From Kingsman to Robin Hood, Taron Egerton already has a bucketload of classics behind him...