Jackass: 5 memorably gross stunts from Johnny Knoxville and the crew

Get ready to wince and laugh until you cry because the Jackass team is still going strong in Jackass Forever. Despite their advancing years, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the rest of the crew are still finding bones to break and stunts to stage, with new set-pieces involving bears, electricity and a whole lot more outrageous content. We dread to imagine the insurance premiums.

To get you ready, we've rounded up several of the most memorably gross scenes from the Jackass guys so far. Are you brave enough to watch?




1. Port-a-pooty

A portable toilet and a bungee crane – what could possibly go wrong?


2. Sweat cocktail

The grossest thing the Jackass team has ever done? It's close.


3. Snorting Wasabi

You likely won't see this going down at your local branch of Wagamamas.


4. The puppet show

Punch and Judy takes a dark turn involving private parts and a snake.


5. Fish hook

This puts a new spin on deep-sea fishing.


How will the stunts in the new movie stack up against this list? Click here to book your tickets for Jackass Forever and find out when it's released in Cineworld on 4th February.