Encanto: watch some magical clips in preparation for Disney's latest animation

What if you were the only ordinary person in a family full of magical individuals? That's the delightful premise of Disney's acclaimed new movie Encanto, which puts a neat twist on the usual 'chosen one' trope.

Brooklyn 99 and In the Heights star Stephanie Beatriz voices Mirabel, a member of the Madrigal clan. Mirabel feels somewhat ostracized because she is the only one in her family not to possess extraordinary abilities, but this won't stop her from embarking on a special voyage of discovery in the classic Disney manner.

With its bid for diversity (this is the first Disney movie to be set in Central America), sparkling voice cast and songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Encanto promises to dazzle family audiences. If you're planning to see it in Cineworld this weekend, here are a few clips to get you primed.





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