Cineworld screens 'Interval Is Over' advert especially for star Billy Neal

In the midst of lockdown, many film fans were crying out for the big screen experience. One of them was aspiring filmmaker Billy Neal who made himself the star of a terrific short movie celebrating the magic of cinema.

Billy's efforts were then translated into an advert called 'The Interval Is Over'. And after its debut on Cineworld's Twitter page, we surprised Billy by screening it at his local Cineworld in Sheffield. Billy had no idea were doing this as we worked with his mum Sarah to surprise him and the whole Neal family.

Here's the advert in question that reduced Billy to awed and emotional gasps when seeing it in Cineworld Sheffield. It's now showing across all Cineworld cinemas as part of our pre-show reel.


And here are some shots of Billy looking suitably starstruck when seeing his work on the big screen.


Did you create a lockdown movie of your own? If so, tweet them to us @Cineworld.