Escape routine this July with Cineworld's Groundhog Day screenings

Ever feel like you're stuck repeating the same day over and over again, a la Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Well it's high time you escaped the mundanity of real life and jumped into the extraordinary world of movies with a little help from Cineworld. That's what Phil did, and you can see what happened in our brand new Unlimited trailer.

On 8th July, we're celebrating Phil and his journey of a lifetime by hosting a Double Bill (Murray) of the aforementioned Groundhog Day. As if you needed reminding, it's the comedy classic in which Murray's acerbic weatherman repeats his life over and over again until he learns the error of his ways. It's exactly what you need to break away from predictable routines this summer.

Tickets can be booked for the same price as one normal screening and Unlimited members can enjoy the double-bill for free as part of their monthly membership. In addition to this film, other upcoming blockbusters like X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Men In Black International and Disney’s The Lion King, are not to be missed and can all be watched for one fixed price with an Unlimited card.

From £17.90 a month (£20.40 a month for West End cinemas), a Cineworld Unlimited card unlocks a host of exciting possibilities including advance screenings, restaurant discounts and lots more. You also get to enjoy 10% discounts on in-cinema snacks, 25% off at restaurant partners including Bella Italia, YO! Sushi and Café Rouge, and free months when you recommend friends.

All Cineworld cinemas except Glasgow Science Centre will be hosting the Groundhog Day back-to-back screenings. Click here to book your tickets for Groundhog Day, screening on 8th July at 8.30pm.