Cineworlders cast their votes on who should play the next Bond!

The internet is abuzz with speculation this week as Bond actor Daniel Craig is rumoured to be quitting the 007 series for good. Whilst nothing is confirmed as yet, it has got everyone thinking: who should be the next James Bond?

Take part in our Twitter poll to cast your vote on the following British stars: Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, John Boyega or Tom Hiddleston. We've already had some very interesting responses including this one from Stevie who plumps for Idris and also somebody else...

We'd love to see that! Fellow Tweeter Richard's already thinking way ahead when it comes to potential actors.

In the immortal words of Queen, EisObris believes there is only one.

In fact, the poll has been leaving many feeling shaken and stirred including this observation from John.

And as far as Simon Pegg (no, not that one) is concerned, the best candidate doesn't even feature on our shortlist.

Thanks for your responses, guys – keep them coming!

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