Cineworlders share their awesome #CineworldFriarsWalk experiences

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Yesterday finally marked the moment when Cineworld's glitzy new Friars Walk cinema in Newport opened its doors to eager customers.

With 1007 seats and 8 lavish auditoriums boasting crystal clear images, cutting-edge projection and a powerful digital sound system, it's little wonder all you Newport Cineworlders were going wild on Twitter. Here's just some of your responses.

First up is the brilliantly named Puddin McJingles who says he had a great evening at the cinema, starting oddly enough with the smell...

Glad you, enjoyed it Puddin! Similarly, Sarah says she had a fabulous time attending our VIP premiere of acclaimed new Michael Fassbender drama Steve Jobs. And Rachael concurs – she says she even managed to get a handy bit of shopping done with her visit. We were also privileged to have the Newport Gwent Dragons in attendance – the rugby lads posed for photos and were looking their best. Glad you enjoyed, it guys. And we're also thrilled by the warm feedback from St Davids Hospice who attended the Steve Jobs premiere screening. Delighted to have hosted! Were you among the lucky ones attending yesterday's grand opening and premiere? If so, tweet your experiences @Cineworld and #CineworldFriarsWalk.