HotDogs & Nachos - Brought to you by Rollover

Rollover the hotdog at Cineworld

Rollover The HotDog

The love story between hotdogs and cinemas is a long and enduring one that shows no signs of ending anytime soon…​
…and at Rollover, we are so happy to be part of this love story!​
Rollover have become the UK’s leading hotdog brand, selling over 30 million hotdogs a year! We just love hotdogs. To us, they represent the fun of food – hands-on, all-in, and messy in a good way. There is no better place to enjoy one of our finest sausages than at the movies watching your favorite film… The love story goes on.


Everyone loves the classics!​
When it comes to taste, the traditional recipes are the best. Our Original Hotdogs are made from a traditional German Bockwurst recipe, smoked over beechwood (it makes them even better) and served in a French baguette.​
Available in all cinemas (except Halal Hotdog cinemas listed below), subject to availability.


Just plants, no porkies! Our great tasting vegetarian sausages is made with soy protein*. No compromise on taste or texture!
Both Vegetarians and Vegans can enjoy them.
Available at most of our cinemas, subject to availability.

*Made in a different factory to the Original Dog


Hello Halal sausage! Our Halal Chicken sausages are made with pure chicken using traditional German techniques and are Halal certified. They are  smoked over beechwood for extra taste and served in a French baguette. Bonus: this hotdog is high in protein and big on taste!​
Available only at the following cinemas: Bolton, Bradford, Feltham, Greenwich O2, High Wycombe, Hounslow, Ilford, Leeds, Luton, South Ruislip, Wandsworth, Watford, Wembley, West India Quay, Wood Green , subject to availability.

Please find here information provided by Rollover regarding Halal certification


Rollover The Nachos

Our corn Nachos are lightly salted and very crunchy. Elevate your experience by selecting from our delectable range of dips, including Cheese sauce, Salsa, and Sour Cream. If you crave a little heat, you can add some jalapenos for an extra kick!

Available in all cinemas, but hurry, they’re subject to availability.