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Tony Todd's feared serial killer Candyman returns in a new teaser for the 2020 movie. Watch it here on the blog.

The chilling new shadow puppet trailer for Candyman will curdle the blood. Watch it here on the blog.

Cinema has the ability to bridge divides between communities and those of different backgrounds, as demonstrated in our blog list of classic films from black directors.

Janelle Monae stars in intriguing horror/time-travel mash-up movie Antebellum, and Cineworlder Andy Murray is here to explain all.

Hook-handed horror icon Candyman returns to the big screen this summer in a "spiritual sequel". Cineworlder George Nash selects some other classic horror villains from the 1990s.

Jordan Peele produces this year's spiritual sequel to classic horror movie Candyman, so we're here to recap the mythology so far.

Get Out and Us filmmaker Jordan Peele produces the bloodcurdling 'spiritual sequel' to classic 1992 shocker Candyman. Watch the first trailer here on the blog.

Outlaw drama Queen & Slim hits Cineworld this January with Daniel Kaluuya in the lead role. Cineworlder Sarah Buddery looks at his rise to fame.

Cineworld blog editor Sean Wilson selects his 10 greatest films of the decade. What will be his choices? Enter the blog to find out.