Watch kids hilariously interview Lightyear star Chris Evans for Cineworld

Cineworld is the perfect place to soak up the family-friendly fun and thrills of Disney-Pixar's thrilling new adventure Lightyear. With a cost-saving Family Ticket, adults pay kids' prices, meaning people of all ages can be more childish together and experience Buzz's wondrous new intergalactic journey.

Here's an idea of what you can expect when you watch Lightyear together as a family in Cineworld.


We're all about the family-friendly spirit here at Cineworld. To the extent that we had some terrific fun at the recent Lightyear junket and premiere. We sent a group of Pixar-mad space cadets to interview the film's stars, and we think you'll agree that the results were delightful.

Check our adorably entertaining interview with co-star Keke Palmer who voices Izzy Hawthorne.


And here's our red carpet interview with the man of the hour, Chris Evans, plus his co-star Taika Waititi. Watch what happens when our intrepid child reporters meet the world of Hollywood.


Planning a family trip to infinity and beyond? Click here to book your tickets for Lightyear, on release now in Cineworld.