ViP experience at Cineworld: everything you need to know

Do you want to make a special occasion of it? That's why we're here with our blog introduction to the Cineworld ViP experience. Whether you need a refresher or have yet to enjoy the ViP treatment, scroll down to find out more.


What is the Cineworld ViP experience?

Take advantage of an exclusive lounge and complimentary dining, and once you're in the cinema, you get to relax in luxury recliner seats with unlimited snacks and drinks. It's a bold change from your own front room, right?

Whether it’s a birthday, a date night, or simply celebrating the return to the cinema - the ViP Experience is perfect for all occasions.

What films are showing as part of Cineworld ViP?

Out now: Jackass Forever, Moonfall, Sing 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Coming soon in Cineworld ViP: Uncharted, Marry Me, Death on the Nile (all released on 11th February) and The Godfather - 50th-anniversary re-issue (released on 25th February).


How much are ViP tickets?

Ticket prices vary by location. Check out your local ViP Cineworld for current ticket prices.


Where can we find out more about Cineworld ViP?

Click here for more details.