Moonfall: discover the Cineworld Unlimited screening reactions

Last night saw the Cineworld Unlimited screening of Moonfall, the latest disaster spectacular from director Roland Emmerich. The man behind Independence Day shows us what happens when aliens knock the moon out of its orbit, and the ensuing chaos that occurs on Earth. Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry and John Bradley star in the movie, which, with its budget of $140 million, is one of the most expensive independent movies ever made.



So, what did Unlimited members make of it? Scroll down to discover some of the reactions from Twitter.












Missed the Unlimited screening? Moonfall previews tonight (3rd February) and goes on wide release on 4th February. If you can't bear the thought of missing the latest preview screenings, sign up to Cineworld Unlimited today. Our next preview is the Jennifer Lopez/Owen Wilsom rom-com Marry Me, which plays in advance on 10th February.