Interview with Krrish 3 star Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan stars in Krrish 3. The third film in the hugely successful superhero series, the adventure this time sees Krrish square off against the villainous Kaal (Vivek Oberoi).

In this interview, Roshan talks to Cineworld's Bollywood expert Ashanti Omkar about the movie (not only does he play Krishna and his superhero alter-ego Krrish but also Rohit).

Krrish 3 is out on 1 November. Click here to book your tickets.

How does this follow on from the previous films, in terms of characterisation?

The vulnerable Rohit drives this film and is the most important character in this film, mores than Krishna whose alter ego is of course Krrish. So essentially, I play 2 and a half parts. Rohit is the hero of this film. He just radiates and fills up the frame with all the emotional feelings that one needs to feel while you watch a film. He’s full of love, he’s very sweet and giving and he’s one bright ball of brightness. It’s a beautiful character.

Tell us about the injuries you've suffered on this film and others

It’s always tough, nothing comes easy. If something has to be of a certain worth, it better be tough, because if it’s easy, it’s not going to end up being of any worth at all. Yes it was tough but the tougher the better. I look forward to challenges and I enjoy them and I think that’s the only way to feel that you’ve accomplished something. Accomplishing leads to being happy, so if you want to be happy, look forward to your challenges and difficulties and overcome them. With the right perspective and attitude, you can surpass and overcome anything in life.

And the pain too, as that is part of the process…

The pain is inevitable, we’re all going to experience pain, but the suffering is a choice. You can choose to suffer or not. But pain is going to be a friend of yours throughout your life. I don’t say that in a dark way, as it is a catalyst that helps you grow and create. All the best creations in the world have come about from some kind of a personal experience that one has vented about. Pain is not a bad thing, it is a good thing and it eventually becomes the wind beneath your wings.

Is this the finale to the trilogy?

Absolutely not. It’s just begun! This is just the birth of the superhero. The first part was a very intimate journey about the people in the family. This time, it’s a fully fledged superhero film, with a super villain and his gang of mutants, which is described very beautifully, very ingeniously, with a term called Maanvar, which is maanav (human) and jaanwar (animal).

We introduce these mutants to our audience who so far have never experienced characters like that. We have Rhinoman, Antman, Frogman, Cheetahwoman and Scorpionwoman created by the antagonist, Kaal, played by Vivek [Oberoi]. It’s all very exciting, and of course Kangna [Raunaut] is playing the chameleon Kaya, so she can change her form and looks. In some ways, this screenplay explores many shades of many characters.

What vision did you have for this sequel?

We have taken on a seemingly impossible challenge making a film like this in India, with a budget that is equivalent to one action sequence in Spiderman for example. To pull that off is going to be quite a revelation to the world. Maybe the budgets of Hollywood films might just come down, as they might point to us and say that they did that on such meagre budgets, we don’t need so much to create our movies. They might just outsource their SFX to India! If you go by the promos, we’ve pulled it off in less than 2% of the cost of a typical Hollywood superhero film.

Tell us about the experience at Cineworld Feltham, as you met your UK fans…

It was incredible, it was amazing, they gave us such a warm welcome and I even recognised a few faces from the last time I was here. So it was like kind of a reunion from a few of them. Some great reactions and the people are looking very excited. We spoke about the symbol of Krrish and I passed on my idea of Krrish and people really took to it and I was happy with the kind of appreciation and the acknowledgement about the symbol of Krrish.