Everything Everywhere All At Once: discover the Cineworld Unlimited screening reactions

Everything Everywhere All At once implodes our notions of time and space with a ferociously entertaining multiversal odyssey. Multiple versions of the terrific Michelle Yeoh turn up in this surreal and critically acclaimed fantasy adventure that gleefully breaks storytelling rules at every turn. (Discover the Everything Everywhere All At Once IMAX preview screening reactions.)

Directorial duo Daniels have been praised for their ambition and energy as Yeoh's character(s) must fight to prevent the destruction of the entire universe. Everything Everywhere All At Once screened in advance for Cineworld Unlimited members, so we've curated some of their reactions. (Spoilers: they're really positive with several people pointing toward this being the film of the year so far.)


Did you attend last night's screening? If so, tweet us @Cineworld with your reactions. If you missed it, don't despair: Everything Everywhere All At Once goes on release in Cineworld cinemas on Friday May 13th.


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