Dune: 5 reasons to watch the movie in IMAX at Cineworld

Dune is about to be unleashed in Cineworld. Director Denis Villeneuve adapts the first half of Frank Herbert’s classic 1965 novel, painting an epic struggle for the desert planet Arrakis, and the valuable ‘spice’ contained within. The movie is painted on a vast canvas in every way, from the sweep of its imagery to the overwhelming nature of its sound and music. Here’s why you need to upgrade from widescreen to IMAX to get the pure, unrefined Dune experience.


1. It will transport you to another world (several, in fact)

At the heart of Dune’s storyline is Arrakis, the desert planet where many people have a vested, and often violent, interest in the coveted substance known as ‘spice’. The scope of Villeneuve’s movie is truly majestic, all the more so in its IMAX presentation, as it sweeps from Arrakis to the Atreides homeworld of Caladan to the grim, rain-swept horror of Giedi Prime. Feel the magnitude of moments both big (the eruption of the monstrous sandworms) and intimate (Paul’s foot setting down on the Arrakis desert for the first time).

2. It was shot with IMAX cameras

Directors like Christopher Nolan have led the charge for IMAX, filming key sequences and often entire movies to capture the unique scope of the format. Dune was shot with IMAX cameras by Villeneuve and cinematographer Greig Fraser, all the better to capture the sweeping, endless sands of Arrakis and many more jaw-dropping sights. This is a movie to be engulfed by, from the tapestry of characters to the physical realities of the myriad environments.


3. Director Denis Villeneuve is an advocate of the IMAX format…

“It has been dreamed, designed, and shot thinking about IMAX,” Villeneuve explains. “When you watch this movie on the big screen, it’s almost a physical experience. We designed the movie to be as immersive as possible, and for me, the big screen is part of the language.”

4. … And the star-studded cast also champions IMAX

Hear from the likes of Dave Bautista and Stellan Skarsgard in the following behind the scenes IMAX sizzle reel.


5. Hans Zimmer’s score will overwhelm you

The Dark Knight composer conjures another multifaceted soundscape that ranges from sensitive Middle Eastern textures to wailing vocals and clattering percussion. (Bagpipes even feature at one stage.) Opt for the IMAX experience to glean the nuances of Zimmer’s score in all the glory, not to mention the details inherent in the sound design from the buzzing wings of the ornithopter craft to the shifting sands signalling the arrival of the worms.


Are you ready? Then click here to book your Cineworld IMAX tickets for Dune. The film opens nationwide on 21st October.