Don't Worry Darling: new trailer throws Florence Pugh into a deadly conspiracy

Florence Pugh's rise to A-list stardom continues apace with her role in Don't Worry Darling. The upcoming psychological thriller is the latest from Booksmart director Olivia Wilde, although it swaps the latter's raucous high-school hijinks for something distinctly more disquieting. The newly released trailer only reinforces this feeling.

Skewering the notion of picture postcard-perfect 1950s American suburbia, the movie centres on a young, attractive couple played by Pugh and Harry Styles (his most significant movie appearance to date). When Pugh's character Alice Chambers suspects there is more to her apparently idyllic, pre-fabricated community, she stumbles on a shocking conspiracy of control and coercion.

Said conspiracy is overseen by a sinister Chris Pine (who also features in this week's trailer for the new Dungeons and Dragons movie). As Alice gets to the heart of the mystery, she's horrified to discover that her partner Jack seems to be actively conspiring against her.

The onslaught of Cadillacs, Formica worktops and chrome surfaces is a glossy front for a thriller plot that appears to fuse The Stepford Wives with Get Out. It looks as if Wilde and Booksmart writer Katie Silberman are aiming to deconstruct and satirise the industry as well as play it for creepy thrills.

The strong cast also includes Wilde herself, Gemma Chan and Nick Kroll. Will it prove as effective in terrifying us as Booksmart was in making us hold our sides? We'll find out when Don't Worry Darling is released on September 23rd. Check out the new trailer below.