Cineworld Unlimited screenings: don't miss these previews of upcoming movies

Welcome back to the world of Cineworld Unlimited! After a long and arduous year, we're delighted to present you with multiple Cineworld Unlimited screenings during 2021. This is your chance to catch theatrical previews of exciting upcoming releases, so what better way to celebrate the return of the big screen experience?

The Forever Purge (13th July)

The blockbusting horror franchise is set to end with a final, riotous blend of pointed social commentary and solid scares, as the Purge mythology is moved into the dusty landscape of the American West.

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Deerskin (14th July)

You won't have seen a film quite like Quentin Dupieux's French-language comedy-horror, in which a disillusioned man isolates himself in a mountain village and develops a macabre obsession with his deerskin fringe jacket. Creepy but brilliant. 

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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (15th July)

Surprise box office hit Escape Room gets a sequel, as another group of hapless, mismatched strangers must navigate a series of escalatingly deadly challenges en route to freedom.

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Our Ladies (22nd July)

Prepare for a heartwarming and funny blend of bonding, bickering and nostalgia as a group of Catholic schoolgirls from the Scottish highlands prepare to paint the town red in 1990s Edinburgh.

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The Last Letter From Your Lover (27th July)

It's the British rom-com that everyone's been talking about. Based on the novel of the same name, The Last Letter From Your Lover stars Felicity Jones as a young journalist who discovers a series of love-struck letters from a mystery couple from the 1960s and decides to try and locate the two star-crossed pen pals. 

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Stillwater (3rd August)

Matt Damon stars in this tense crime drama about an Oklahoma oil worker who's forced to travel to France in an attempt to clear his estranged daughter's name after she's falsely accused of murdering her friend.

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