Add the Cineworld experience to your next movie night with our pre-reel playlist

We know a lot of you are missing their regular Cineworld visits and we wanted to help fill the gap a little. 

We were inspired by Emma @ The Movies who had the brilliant idea to recreate a little part of the Cineworld experience at home.

We loved her idea so we thought we'd help by putting together a Cineworld Pre-Reel Playlist! There are two versions - one with and one without trailers. So if you miss coming to the cinema, simply click play on the playlist of your choice and add a little Cineworld magic to your next movie night! 

Cineworld Pre-Movies Playlist - with Trailers 

Cineworld Pre-Movies Playlist - no Trailers

Have any other hacks to help you pass the time before we reopen? Let us know on Twitter @Cineworld