Cinemania: don't miss our Cineworld game show

We're delighted to announce Cinemania, a special one-off Cineworld game show. We understand those old grey cells may need testing after four months of cinema-free lockdown. And we've called in some favours to get the show on the road. Scroll down for more details.


What is Cinemania?

It's a fun new competition whereby contestants challenge each other as to their film knowledge. Whose knowledge is Unlimited? You'll find out soon enough.

Cinemania will kickstart a new weekly YouTube show where we will talk about current and upcoming film releases, new trailers, movie news, Unlimited screening reviews, and much more.


Who is taking part?

We've enlisted several Cineworld friends to take part: Amber Doig-Thorne, Daniel J. Layton (who hosted the Cineworld Film Quiz), Luke Owen and Laurie Blake.


Where can we watch it?

Click here to watch Cinemania on YouTube or stream it below here on the blog. It kicks off at 3PM on Friday 31st July.