New David Attenborough film released next week

As well as being one of the world’s most beloved broadcasters, Sir David Attenborough is the quintessential voice of the natural world. While we’re most used to hearing his voice while watching a series from our couch, his new documentary David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet is coming to cinemas on 28th September. And it is surely the most important film he has made to date.

Partly a look at the beauty of the planet and its wildlife he says he has been lucky to explore throughout his remarkable 93 years, the film is his manifesto on how to save it. Revealing the catastrophic effects of mankind overrunning the planet, Attenborough warns that it’s now or never in this powerful, essential call to action.

The screenings of David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet will be followed by a QnA session with the man himself, filmed after the film’s premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall.


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