Edgar Wright planning new movie Set My Heart To Five

Edgar Wright is a busy man. Currently up to his eyes in post-production on Last Night In Soho (scheduled for release in September), he's already lining up his next project.

Deadline reports that the Shaun Of The Dead and Baby Driver helmer now wants to adapt Simon Stephenson's sci-fi novel Set My Heart To Five. Set in 2054, the story centres on android Jared who is an enthusiast of '80s and '90s movies. To show the world that he is capable of human emotion, he endeavours to write a film script that will reveal the beating heart beneath the mechanical exterior.

Focus Films and Working Title Films, who have previously collaborated on Wright's Cornetto trilogy (encompassing Shaun, Hot Fuzz and The World's End), will be bringing the movie to the big screen. Although Wright usually has a tendency to script his own films, either solo or in collaboration, Stephenson will be adapting his own novel, although it's too early in the process to reveal casting details.

Robots, pop culture, movies, movie scripts – this surely has Wright written all over it. In the meantime, as mentioned, Wright is working on psychological horror movie Last Night In Soho. Although the director's previous films have dabbled in the horrific, notably Shaun and Hot Fuzz, this is set to be a full-blown plunge into the genre, with the director citing the influence of Roman Polanski and other masters. The exciting cast includes Thomas McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy and Matt Smith.

And there's more: back in January 2019, Wright told Empire that the first draft of the Baby Driver 2 script had been completed. In his words, it promises to "take the story further". How does one go further than a firefight co-ordinated to the exuberant sounds of 'Tequila? We can't wait to find out.

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