Cineworlders share their favourite snack hacks

Happy Friday, everyone! No doubt you've got your weekend of movies mapped out. Maybe Michael Fassbender burning up the screen in Macbeth? Or Matt Damon stranded on Mars in The Martian?

But there's one more vital part of your Cineworld visit – and those are the snacks you take into the screen with you. We asked some of our most loyal customers for their most flavoursome – and sometimes downright odd – snack hacks. Here are some of our favourites.

We'll start off with this from Daneeka – nothing too untoward here.

Emily is also playing it somewhat safe (nothing wrong with that!)  And here's David with his mouthwatering choice of dessert. Sounds good to us. Now, we did say that some of your choices were a little... bizarre? Here's what Dougie enjoys when he visits Cineworld Well, that's a new one on us! Talking of odd popcorn combos, this is what Andrew shared So seriously, what is it with you guys mixing Maltesers and salty popcorn? It's also Safirah's choice Maybe we ought to get in on this?... We'll leave you with this from J.R. Smooth who sometimes ends up with an accidental snack hack...It's happened to all of us! What are your favourite Cineworld snack hacks? Tweet us @Cineworld with your tastiest, most out-there suggestions.