Cineworlders vote for their favourite Aussie movie star! #AustraliaDay

Australia: it's famous for barbeques, the Outback, kangaroos and lots more. However, our Antipodean cousins have also produced some cracking movie stars over the years, and in honour of Australia Day we asked all you Cineworlders to vote on Twitter for your favourite Aussie actors. So who came out on top?

The clear winner in the guys' category was the one and only Hugh Jackman, a colossus of the comic book genre having repeatedly torn up the screen as the feral, adamantium-clawed Wolverine in the X-Men movies. With 59% of the vote, Jackman was miles ahead of the competition which comprised Thor's Chris Hemsworth (24%), his Hunger Games-starring brother Liam (9%) and The Finest Hours' Eric Bana (8%). Crikey, mate!

Congratulations, Hugh. So who was voted top Australian actress? With 45% of the vote, it was Margot Robbie who is set to storm the big screen as the demented Harley Quinn in this summer's anti-superhero movie Suicide Squad. Given her ferociously memorable appearance in the trailers, not to mention her crowd-pleasing appearance at last year's Comic Con, we're not surprised that Margot was the clear winner.

She bested some truly formidable competition including Carol Oscar nominee Cate Blanchett (22%), How to Be Single scene-stealer Rebel Wilson (17%) and Paddington megastar Nicole Kidman (16%).

Strewth! Thanks to everyone who took part – it just goes to show that when it comes to both rising stars and established talent, the place to be is Down Under.

Will you be watching your favourite stars in your favourite movies to mark Australia Day? Tweet us @Cineworld (corked hat pics optional).