Chris Morris's new movie The Day Shall Come is your next Unlimited screening

It's been nearly 10 years since satirical visionary Chris Morris delivered his blistering directorial debut Four Lions. The genius behind The Day Today and the controversial Brass Eye made headlines with his farcical jihadi comedy. And he's set to do it all over again with his new movie, The Day Shall Come.

We're delighted to announce that Morris's latest movie is your next Cineworld Unlimited screening. In a typically provocative set-up that's bound to generate controversy, Morris targets the heart of America's homeland security, as a group of FBI agents manufacture their own terrorist. "Pitch me the next 9/11," they're instructed, as they feel pressure to be seen to be combating evil.

Their target: innocent Miami preacher Moses (Marchant Davis) who is duped by promises that his family will be saved from eviction. At the same time, manipulative agent Kendra (Pitch Perfect's Anna Kendrick) further beguiles Moses by fuelling his reactionary politics. He thinks it's in the aim of helping the impoverished Florida projects, but in fact Kendra is fashioning her own enemy of the state.

Those looking for a thought-provoking, difficult and blackly comic experience from one of the UK's finest yet most reclusive comics don't want to miss this.

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