Book for your new year Unlimited screening of Colette starring Keira Knightley

Happy new year! In case you Unlimited members had forgotten, we're kicking things off in style with four advance screenings throughout January, and the first arrives this Thursday in the form of Colette.

Atonement's Keira Knightley stars in the true story of eponymous 20th century author Colette, a French woman who broke down gender boundaries and social norms when she defied her husband Willy (Dominic West).

Having been compelled to ghost write several books for her spouse, which subsequently brings him much popularity, Colette decides to champion her inner voice and goes it alone. In the process she shapes a legacy that has continued to resonate throughout the world in the ensuing decades.

Click here to book your tickets for Colette, screening in advance on 3rd January 2019.

We're following that with political drama The Front Runner, based on the sensational true story of politician Gary Hart (Hugh Jackman). A charismatic US senator who was leading the 1988 Presidential race, Hart's career was spectacularly scuppered by allegations of infidelity. Featuring an effectively slippery performance from Jackman and an insightful look at media ethics, it's the latest must-see movie from Juno filmmaker Jason Reitman.

Click here to book your tickets for The Front Runner, screening in advance on 7th January 2019.

And it doesn't stop there. Batman star Christian Bale undergoes another startling transformation in comedy-drama Vice, the latest from The Big Short director Adam McKay. Bale piles on the pounds in this multi-generational look at the life of influential US vice president Dick Cheney, who served under George W. Bush (Sam Rockwell). Bale, Rockwell and co-star Amy Adams (who plays Cheney's wife Lynne) have all been Golden Globe nominated for their roles in this intriguing political story.

Click here to book your tickets for Vice, screening in advance on 16th January 2019.

And finally, your month of Unlimited screenings rolls to a close with twisty M. Night Shyamalan thriller Glass. Fusing the worlds of the director's films Unbreakable and Split, this is unlike any other comic book movie you've seen before. Unbreakable character David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and his nemesis Elijah Price/Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) are now under psychiatric observation for believing they are a superhero and super-villain duo. But when the evil Glass enlists the assistance of split personality kidnapper Kevin (James McAvoy), whose 24th personality the Beast is a rage-fuelled monster, the entire world is threatened.

Click here to book your tickets for Glass, screening in advance on 17th January 2019.

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