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  • LIFF: Jalaler Golpo - Jalal's Story (Bangla) 15

More information about LIFF: Jalaler Golpo - Jalal's Story (Bangla)

Release date:

19 July 2016

Running time:

121 minutes

UK PremiereThis entrancing film follows three chapters in the life of an infant, a child and teen named Jalal. Abandoned as a baby in the river, he is rescued and raised by Miraj. After a series of misfortunes, the villagers consider the baby to be a curse on their village and Miraj has to abandon the baby back in the river. Karim, a landowner, is bringing up Jalal, now nine. Bizarrely, Jalal is considered the cause of Karim’s wife’s infertility and he is cast back into the river. The 19-year-old Jalal now works for a gang leader and aspiring politician Sajib. This time, a different baby is to be thrown into the river, ahead of the upcoming elections, thanks to Sajib’s nefarious antics. Abu Shahed Emon tackles several social issues in Bangladesh including superstition, politically motivated corruption and women’s rights.Supported by

Mohammod Emon, Arafat Rahman, Mosharraf Karim
Abu Shahed Emon
Showing in:
LIFF: Jalaler Golpo - Jalal's Story (Bangla)

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LIFF: Jalaler Golpo - Jalal's Story (Bangla)

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