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The first trailer for Disney's Zootropolis arrives


Aside from a small role in Arthur and the Invisibles, this is Jason Bateman's first outing doing the voice for an animated movie, and judging from the new trailer for Zootropolis (titled Zootopia in the US), he appears to be perfectly suited to play the role of the wisecracking fox, Nick Wilde.

If you can imagine a world where humans never existed and animals have evolved to become anthropomorphic (in other words, develop human-like characteristics), so can speak, walk on two legs and wear clothes, then that's the basic idea behind Zootropolis. In this world, a bunny names Judy Hopps (see what they did there?) is forced to team up with her natural enemy Wilde to crack a case. It's like the best of the buddy cop movies, but with considerably more fur – and the constant threat that one of the duo may possibly eat the other.

What charmed us to Zootropolis' trailer though was the tone. Bateman seems perfectly at home voicing the intelligent and funny Wilde and its original and sharp tone suggests that we may see an animated film here that's genuinely trying something new and fresh.

Zootropolis is heading to Cineworld on 25th March 2016, and we'll bring you the first proper trailer as soon as it's released.