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5 hilarious Easter eggs we spotted in the Zoolander 2 teaser


Like us, you probably laughed yourselves silly at Ben Stiller's return in the Zoolander 2 teaser trailer, which dropped hilarious zingers such as: "If God exists, then why did he make ugly people?"

But there are some other fantastic – and easy to miss – gags in the trailer, also known as Easter eggs. Come with us as we venture into Derek's brain and discover that intelligence is in fact relative.

1) It's all math

"In the beginning, there was nothing," a pastiche Stephen Hawking voiceover informs us, before whizzing us through the birth of creation. Whilst doing so, we spot one of the most troubling equations ever known: 3 + 4 = 34. Safe to say that maths isn't Derek's strong suit.

2) Figure it out

Nor in fact are equations. This rib-tickling little nugget reads as E = MC Hammer (as in the baggy-trousered, 1990s rapper). Well, at least it sounds cool. 

3) Word play

One of the best phrases from the first Zoolander is also seen flying through Derek's cranium: eugoogly. That's his word for eulogy. And if you want to create a noun from said word, it's 'eugooglizer'. Extra points if you spotted the 'gas fight' reference.

4) Signs and wonders

One of Derek's great weaknesses is his inability to turn left. This means he is in fact an ambi-turner, something we're reminded of by this sign.

5) Making a splash

Remember in the first movie when Derek's Mer-man TV commercial invited the disgust of his father? Well, it's right here in the trailer. Just remember: "Moisture is the essence of wetness... And wetness is the essence of beauty." That's philosophy right there.

Check out the Zoolander 2 teaser below. Blue Steel returns to our screens in February 2016.