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Owen Wilson talks Hansel's eagerly awaited Zoolander 2 return


Soon to be seen in a rare against-type role in action-thriller No Escape, actor Owen Wilson has been discussing the return of hilariously preening fashionista Hansel in Zoolander 2.

The sequel to the insanely quotable 2001 comedy sees Ben Stiller back as the eponymous, air-headed Derek Zoolander, and he'll no doubt be pitted against Wilson's Hansel for another rib-tickling battle of pouting, absurdly lame threats and catwalk strutting. Earlier this year, both actors turned up in-character during Paris Fashion Week to generate advance buzz.

"The movie picks up fourteen years later and Hansel at this point is not modelling the way that he used to be," Wilson tells Collider. "I think the script’s really funny and hopefully the movie will turn out as good."

Nevertheless, Wilson was surprised Stiller wanted to make the movie at all. "It’s funny because the movie didn’t do that well," he reflects, "but I guess over the years it’s developed a cult following. When we first announced the movie at the Paris fashion show, we didn’t know what the reaction would be but it seemed to be like a rock concert. I think that got us excited to then go and film the movie in Rome."

Zoolander 2 is released in February 2016. Getting your Blue Steel pout ready in advance? Check out the teaser and see if you can get it as good as Stiller's.