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Celebrate World Kindness Day with these inspirational movies


Today is World Kindness Day and to mark the occasion, we've rounded up a selection of new and upcoming releases that will inspire you.

Paddington 2 (on release now)

On release now this delightful family sequel has kindness oozing out of its pores (or should that be, paws?) Michael Bond's classic creation is famous for being a Peruvian outsider in the madcap world of London and Paddington 2, like its hit predecessor, sticks true to the author's message of acceptance.

Encouraging us to appreciate and tolerate outsiders the movie also shows us how inspiration and warmth can come from the areas we least expect. Truly, a movie more gooey and loveable than the tastiest marmalade sandwich.

Click here to book your tickets for Paddington 2.

Wonder (released 1st December)

This adaptation of R.J. Palacio's novel centres on Auggie, a disfigured yet warmhearted young boy who strives to be accepted at high school. With sensational Room actor Jacob Tremblay in the lead, plus hefty support from Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as Auggie's parents, this moving drama has plenty to say about not judging people from their outward appearance.

Don't forget that you can see Wonder as part of tonight's World Kindness Day preview screening – click here to find out more.

Battle of the Sexes (released 24th November)

Topical movies don't get more topical than this infectiously entertaining retelling of the 1973 exhibition match between tennis players Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

With Emma Stone and Steve Carell dynamite in the lead roles, this is a thought-provoking story of the age old battle between chauvinism and equality. But it's not just the central King/Riggs battle that appeals to our better nature: this is also a story of teamwork and the people who rallied behind King for a good cause.

The most affecting aspect of Battle of the Sexes takes place away from the tennis court, exploring the deeply-felt relationship between King and hairdresser girlfrield Marilyn (Andrea Riseborough) – exactly the kind of sensitive portrayal needed on World Kindness Day.

Stronger (released 8th December)

This inspirational drama has kindness coursing through its veins. A powerful account of real-life Boston bombing survivor Jeff Bauman (brilliantly portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal), the movie focuses on his agonising rehabilitation that was made bearable by the presence of his compassionate girlfriend Erin (an equally superb Tatiana Maslany).

It's a timely and potent reminder of the importance of solidarity and self-sacrifice during times of crisis with both Gyllenhaal's and Maslany's performances drawing awards buzz. Check out the trailer below.

Ferdinand (released 22nd December)

What were we saying about not judging people from the outside? This latest animated heartwarmer from the whizzkids behind Ice Age and Rio centres on the titular bull who must set out to prove that he is more than just a lumbering, horned beast of burden.

With Trainwreck's John Cena on vocal duties there's no denying Ferdinand will prove a Christmas hit with family audiences looking for a gentle message of kindness and tolerance. Check out the trailer.

What are your essential movies for World Kindness Day? Tweet us your choices @Cineworld.