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Wonder Woman: 5 things we learned from the totally epic new trailer


Batman, Superman and their ilk had better watch their backs because there's a new DC superhero in town this summer.

Gal Gadot's warrior princess Wonder Woman is cleaving onto the big screen this June in a blast of attitude and weaponry, and by the looks of it this latest trailer teases the DC Movie Universe entry that you've been waiting for. We've broken down the trailer to bring you our favourite moments.

Origin story

Wonder Woman's backstory hews closer to mythology and fantasy, as seen in the glimpses of her mystical island realm,   Themyscira. It seems Monster director Patty Jenkins' female-centric approach is set to pay off in intriguing ways, mediating the boys-own universe of many superhero movies whilst also teasing plenty of sword-clanging action. Consider us sold.

Mother knows best

As is often the case with superheroes, the journey towards heroism is paved with tough love and plenty of bruises. Young Diana Prince is certainly put through the wringer by her fearsome mother Antiope (Robin Wright) whilst she's mentored by Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen). And then there's the reveal of the classic sword...

London calling!

When World War I fighter pilot – and possessor of two first names – Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) washes up on Themyscira, the adult Diana (played by Gadot) is compelled to embark on a journey to the smog-filled UK capital. Her initial reaction to the sprawling metropolis is hilariously cynical, and Pine's sardonic presence looks poised to bring everything down to Earth.

The armbands

These were infamous from the good old days of Lynda Carter, but we've left that far behind. Instead, Gadot's take on the classic character sees her charging, montage-stylie, through an assortment of World War I landscapes, refusing to let a little global conflict stand in her way. Did Batman achieve these levels of sweeping heroism? We think not.

Blending in

As yet more (hopeful) proof that the movie won't be taking itself too seriously we've got The Office and Shaun of the Dead star Lucy Davis playing foil to Gadot's steely, determined Diana. The final moment where the latter is advised to hide her impressive sword from London's citizens hits pretty much the perfect note.

Check out the new Wonder Woman trailer below and send us your responses @Cineworld.