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Why you need to experience Wonder Woman in IMAX


Wonder Woman has arrived in Cineworld with Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins triumphantly delivering the best DC Extended Universe movie so far. Already seen it? Here's why you need to experience the movie again in IMAX.

1. IMAX was made for this

Resplendent in visual splendour, memorable characters, emotion and thrilling action, Wonder Woman is the sort of big screen spectacle that demands to be seen on the largest IMAX screen possible.

2. Themyscira comes to life

Director Patty Jenkins whisks us into Wonder Woman's island realm and the sweeping vistas are what IMAX was made for. Plus, when the movie relocates to the battlefields of World War I later it becomes even more spectacular.

3. Get ready for Diana

With her iconic shield, arm deflectors and armour, Diana is a revolutionary heroine whose remarkable abilities and heroism gain further dimensions in IMAX. Don't miss out.

4. Sounds of wonder

It’s not just the visuals where IMAX proves revolutionary. You simply don’t get more dynamic sound anywhere else, and what better movie to show off IMAX’s sound capabilities?

Click here to book your IMAX tickets for Wonder Woman.