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Booking for Wonder Woman is open! Get your tickets now!


It's time to raise your shields and set sail for Themyscira (or, you know, the nearest exotic location). Because booking for Wonder Woman has now opened and it's time to secure your tickets right now. But before you do, here's a little teaser of Diane Prince's first big-screen adventure.

Following her attention-grabbing appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gal Gadot now triumphantly returns to the role of the Amazon warrior who is reluctantly drawn into the World War I conflict that is engulfing humankind.

With an all-star cast including Star Trek's Chris Pine as love interest Steve Trevor, House of Cards' Robin Wright as Diana's fearsome mother Hippolyta and The Office's Lucy Davis as comic relief sidekick Etta Candy, this continuation of the DC Movie Universe is poised to kick off blockbuster season in fine style.

Click here to book your tickets for Wonder Woman and let us know @Cineworld when you've claimed yours.