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Why Thor: Ragnarok’s Jeff Goldblum is a one-man meme machine


There aren’t many movie photos that, when they’re released, send the internet into meltdown. But when Marvel released a picture of Jeff Goldblum as a character called The Grandmaster from the forthcoming Thor: Ragnarok, fans went crazy for his unique new look. One’s thing’s for sure, The Grandmaster will be the subject of internet memes before too long because THE INTERNET LOVES JEFF GOLDBLUM… And here’s why…

Jeff Phwoarr-blum

We all remember that shot from Jurassic Park when Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm lies back with his shirt buttons undone, showing off his hirsute chest? Well, it’s produced an avalanche of sexy memes that one, but this one is our fave…

Jeff can see you!

Imagine this face staring back at you every time you used the loo!

The Goldblum laugh

Because sometimes people have just too much time on their hands…

We don’t even get this one…


Jeff as a dandelion

There seemed to be a trend for putting JG’s face inside a flower. This is our favourite.

Jeff tasting Marmite for the first time

Empire magazine took along a tub of the famously divisive food spread and asked Jeff his opinion. Did he like it? Check out his facial reactions.

For when you think something is a bit rubbish and only Jeff Goldblum can communicate it…

Here’s Jeff Goldblum talking about his favourite Jeff Goldblum memes…

And if you want to create your own Jeff Goldblum meme, you can here.

You can see Jeff Goldblum in Thor: Ragnarok when it opens on 27th October.