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5 reasons why Fantastic Four is going to be fantastic


1. The screenplay

Fantastic Four is being penned by, among others, Simon Kinberg. ‘Who?’ is a justifiable response to that, but when you scan across the man’s CV then you realise why he is one of the reasons we’re excited about the Fantastic Four reboot. You see, Kinberg is a writer of some experience, and worked on the screenplays for X-Men: The Last Stand, Jumper, X-Men: Days of Future Past and, most importantly, one of the Star Wars spin-off films.

2. The director

The hiring of young director Josh Trank for Fantastic Four was a smart move. Comparable in style to J.J. Abrams, both directors have a knack of getting superb performances from a young cast – Abrams did it with Super 8 and Trank did it with 2012’s Chronicle, which was proof that superhero movies don’t have to follow a formulaic path.

3. The cast

When Fantastic Four was cast, the only name you might’ve heard of was Billy Elliot’s Jamie Bell, but since then Miles Teller has gone on to wow audiences with Whiplash and Michael B. Jordan was signed up in the lead role of the Rocky spin-off movie, Creed. Add the enormous talent of Toby Kebbell (who played Koba in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) to the mix as Doctor Doom and you’ve got all the ingredients for a powerful cast of stars.

4. The comic book writer

Comic book writer Mark Millar is the man behind some of the best cartoon series of recent years – including Kick-Ass, Wanted and Kingsman: The Secret Service – and he’s also half of the talent responsible for the hugely successful Ultimate Fantastic Four reboot. He admitted in an interview recently that he’s seen quite a bit of the film already and his remarks were highly positive.

“I’ve seen chunks of it but not the complete movie, and it’s looking good,” said Millar. “What I’m really excited for is to see how many people are surprised by it. I remember everybody bitching about Fantastic Four for about six months then the trailer came out and everyone is like, ‘This is really good’. I think it’ll surprise people.” 

5. The N-Zone

Speaking of the Ultimate Fantastic Four, the reboot of the series in 2004 was widely heralded as a massive success. The team are much younger and, rather than them gaining their mutated powers from outer space, it happens when they're teleported into an alternative dimension – the N-Zone.

Fantastic Four will be blowing Cineworld cinema audiences away from 6 August.