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Who’s who in horror sequel IT Chapter Two’s grown-up Losers' Club


The adapted first chapter of Stephen King’s horror novel IT landed in cinemas back in 2017, breaking records in the process. The much-anticipated second chapter, aptly titled IT Chapter Two, is set to lurch its way onto Cineworld screens on 6th September, dropping us back into the town of Derry, Maine, and into the path of Pennywise the dancing clown once more.

As before, our only hope is The Losers’ Club, an adventurous gang of outsiders, and the only ones brave enough to take on the shape-shifting entity with a penchant for clowning around. Brought back to the town of Derry 27 years later, thanks to the oath the club took with each other, The Losers are all grown-up now – but sadly, being an adult isn't much help when it comes to facing down this creepy, calculating clown. Let us introduce you to who’s playing who in the grown-up Losers’ Club…

Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy)

The former leader of The Losers’ Club, and now a successful mystery novelist, Bill proved in the first film that his determination and courage know no bounds. Played by young actor Jaeden Lieberher in that movie, Bill holds a personal vendetta against the vicious Pennywise, the clown having added Bill’s little brother to his ever-growing list of victims.

Taking up the mantle of the stuttering leader this time around is James McAvoy, an actor who'd featured on many an IT fan’s wish list for the role. Having demonstrated time and time again that he's one of Hollywood’s most talented actors, McAvoy should be able to bring the kind of emotional intensity that will be in high demand upon Bill’s return to his childhood home.

Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain)

The lone female member of The Losers’ Club, and both Bill and Ben’s love interest, Beverley has suffered more than most. Having been physically abused by her father and bullied at school over false rumours of promiscuity, the terrors she's endured make Pennywise seem almost trivial.

The wonderful Jessica Chastain will step into the grown-up shoes of Beverly, who's now a successful fashion designer in Chicago, but sadly still in the throes of abuse – now at the hands of her husband. Chastain’s vast background playing strong-willed women is a perfect fit for the adult Beverly, with The Martian and Zero Dark Thirty showing her talent for characters with a tough demeanour but an element of vulnerability. 

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Ben Hanscom (Jay Ryan)

Horrifically bullied by the more vicious of the town's children for being overweight, young Ben Hanscom was The Losers' Club's uninitiated detective, and the one who began to discover the history of Derry, IT and how the two intertwined. As an adult, Ben will be played by actor Jay Ryan, and is now thin, handsome and successful. Living in Nebraska, he, like the rest of The Losers, is called back to Derry upon the re-emergence of IT.

Ryan is known more for the small screen, but seems a good fit for the adult Ben, with the role likely to make him hot property in Hollywood.

Richie Tozier (Bill Hader)

Another actor who's been featured on many a dream cast list, Saturday Night Live alumni Bill Hader is taking over the reins of the wise-cracking Richie from Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard.

The bespectacled best friend of Bill Denbrough, Richie offered some much-needed comic relief to the first film, his loud mouth, foul language and childish quips often stealing the show. With the grown-up Richie being a successful DJ in Los Angeles, Bill Hader seems like the ideal choice for the role.

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Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa)

Mike Hanlon is the only member of The Losers’ Club to have stayed behind in Derry, becoming the town's librarian. He's also the one to summon back his fellow club members, and friends, when IT resurfaces to continue its torment. As an adult, Mike has a serious substance problem, which stems from the death of his parents as well as the club’s first encounter with Pennywise.

Adult Mike will be portrayed by Isaiah Mustafa, who many will recognise from the Old Spice ad campaign from a few years ago. He also has many big and small-screen credits to his name. 

Eddie Kaspbrak (James Ransone)

An actor already familiar with the horror genre, James Ransone previously starred in Sinister and its sequel. His character, Eddie, now runs a successful limousine business in New York City, but suffers from overwhelming neuroses and a disabling hypochondria, which isn't helped by the fact that he's married to a woman who bears disturbing similarities to his overbearing mother.

Stanley Uris (Andy Bean)

Haunted by an elongated woman in the first film, Stanley is the voice of reason within The Losers’ Club. Portrayed this time around by Andy Bean, who some may know from the television series Power, Stanley has become a partner in a large accounting firm in Atlanta, and is now married to a teacher named Patty Blum.

Unfortunately, if the film is to follow the book, Stanley is due to meet an untimely end upon hearing the news of Pennywise’s return. Will IT Chapter 2 feature the loss of one of the club's founding members? We’ll just have to wait and see...

IT Chapter Two arrives at Cineworld cinemas on 6th September.