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5 reasons why The World's End should be your 'wednesdate'


Cineworld customers prepared for 'barmaggedon' over the last scorching weekend as The World's End finally hit screens to glowing reviews.

So what better time to list our five reasons as to why it's the ideal 'wednesdate' movie? No it's not an effect of the old beer goggles - we really are helping you along!

1. These guys are now a British institution

Whether you're male or female, few can resist the quintessential Britishness of the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright formula. The self-deprecating tone, focus on friendship and amusingly unflappable nature of the characters (remember, it takes a lot to get Brits really stressed) make the team a surefire hit with a wide audience. And who else but the British would base an end of the world story around such an institution as the pub?

2. Pop culture

Everyone gets a kick out of recognising a subtle (or none-too-subtle) reference to an aspect of pop culture that they recognise. And The World's End, in-keeping with the guys' previous movies, has it in droves. Whether it's the visual references to the likes of Invasion of the Body Snatchers to the nostalgically retro 70s/80s pop soundtrack, there's guaranteed to be something that gets everyone smiling in recognition.

3. It's not just an empty stream of gags

Shaun of the Dead pivoted around the (ultimately heart-rending) bromance between Pegg's Shaun and Frost's Ed. Hot Fuzz meanwhile celebrated rural British life... Prior to blowing it away in a storm of bullets! The World's End similarly comes with its own subtext, as Pegg's Gary King and his friends pine for their (literally) wasted adolescence. Such a nostalgic slant will surely get everyone reminiscing on their own teenage years.

4. Rosamund Pike

It's not just a boys own adventure this! In casting former Bond girl Rosamund Pike, Pegg and Wright have been sure to cast an actress who can hold her own against the male ensemble. Pike plays Sam - who is lusted after by Gary and also Steven (Paddy Considine). But Sam is also a fighter too and gets one of the movie's best lines. "I got lost on the ring road," she says when the guys quiz her as to why she's arrived late to save them!

5. Pegg plays against type

We're used to seeing Pegg playing the likeable, put-upon Brit, most recently in big franchise blockbusters like Star Trek Into Darkness. But one of the most intriguing aspects of The World's End is the chance to see Pegg playing a genuinely unlikeable character, one perpetually stuck in his teenage years. It's always fascinating to see an actor break out of their comfort zone - and Pegg does so with aplomb!

So, will The World's End become your 'wednesdate'? Do you have reasons of your own? Then list them below. And don't forget to book your tickets here.