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Watch the chilling first trailer for The Nun expand the Conjuring universe


Ever since the 2013 release of blockbusting ghost story The Conjuring, an entire spooky universe has developed around things that go bump in the night. And we're now venturing back to the earliest days of the Conjuring saga with the eerie teaser trailer for The Nun.

If you'll remember, The Conjuring was set in the early 1970s and was the introduction to ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson). Sequel The Conjuring 2 moved the action forward to 1977, and dramatised the infamous Enfield poltergeist haunting.

Concurrently, we have the two Annabelle movies, one focusing on the infamous haunted doll who has been threaded throughout the series. The first was set in 1967 and the second, Annabelle: Creation, was an origin story exploring the doll's creation, set in 1955.

The Nun throws things even further back to 1952, exploring the story of horrifying demon Valak who was first introduced in The Conjuring 2. (Are you keeping up?) Set in a Romanian monastery, it focuses on young novitiate, Sister Irene (Tarissa Farmiga, sister of Vera), who is tormented by the phantom (Bonnie Aarons) that takes on the disquieting appearance of a woman in a nun's habit.

Director Corin Hardy, who transformed the Irish countryside into a thing of menace in gripping 2015 horror The Hallows, is in charge of the movie. James Wan, meanwhile, who was behind the camera for the two Conjuring films, is overseeing in a producer capacity. Check out the first trailer below and prepare for The Nun's arrival on 7th September.