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Watch the first teaser trailer for Disney's Dumbo remake


Few can resist Disney's 1941 masterpiece Dumbo, the timeless story of the baby elephant with oversized ears that has charmed entire generations.

With Disney live-action remakes a hot topic at the moment (The Lion King, Mulan and Aladdin are just three of those on the cards), Dumbo itself is now getting an enchanting makeover, courtesy of Edward Scissorhands director Tim Burton.

The magic of CGI replaces the hand-drawn wonder of the earlier movie, with Colin Farrell playing the one-armed circus performer who, along with his children, discovers Dumbo. Michael Keaton plays the unscrupulous Big Top leader who transforms the pachyderm into a star, and Burton regular Danny DeVito is also on board. Another Burton favourite, Eva Green, meanwhile, plays an alluring trapeze artist.

There are more than a few twists to this storyline, beginning with the fact Dumbo flies at the very start of the movie, whereas in the original that was held back until the end. Fittingly enough, given Burton's reputation for visual style in the likes of Batman and Sleepy Hollow, the enveloping nature of the circus looks appropriately spectacular, with the floppy-eared Dumbo at one point being raised above the soaring crowds.

Check out the first teaser trailer below and get ready for Dumbo's arrival on 29th March 2019.