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Watch the final trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix


It's a good time to be a Sophie Turner fan – not only is the British actress back in the final season of Game of Thrones, she also unleashes her mutant powers in this summer's X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Turner returns as telepathic Jean Grey in a reprise of the popular Dark Phoenix comic book saga (previously dramatised in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand). When an X-Men mission to rescue the crew of a space shuttle goes wrong, Grey finds herself imbued with extraordinary powers that transform her into the most dangerous creature in the universe.

This latest trailer reprises much of the same footage as before, albeit with some choice new snippets. We get some characteristic dry wit from Quicksilver (Evan Peters) who remarks about the X-Men's expansion into outer-space rescue work.

The motivations of Jessica Chastain's mysterious villain (still unnamed) also start to come into focus – she's clearly someone with keen knowledge of the Phoenix power, remarking that Jean is the only person to survive such a process.

Elsewhere we've got plenty of action and scene-chewing performances from James McAvoy as Xavier (complete with a snazzy-looking new wheelchair) and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. In fact, the new trailer exposes the latter's vulnerability like never before – at one point Jean disassembles his helmet, designed to block Xavier's telepathy, to remind him who's boss.

And of course, we get a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence in what has already been revealed as her final X-Men performance...

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is released on 5th June.