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First look: Venom trailer reveals Tom Hardy's inner demons


Think you're having a bad day? Spare a thought for Tom Hardy in the tense and moody trailer for Venom. The first promo for the Spider-Man spin-off introduces us to his character, journalist Eddie Brock, whose inner demons rise to the surface when he comes into contact with a deadly extraterrestrial symbiote (in other words, a host). Before we get there, here's the poster.

Venom's first big screen appearance was in 2007's Spider-Man 3 where he was, somewhat awkwardly, blown up to primary villain status. This standalone movie promises to do the character justice, Hardy's characteristic anguish fusing with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer's visuals and a supporting cast including The Greatest Showman's Michelle Williams.

Venom is adapted from 1995 comic book story arc Planet of the Symbiotes and promises to be a full-on, R-rated extravaganza in the manner of Logan and Deadpool. (Although, as a Sony-owned property, Venom occupies a different universe.)

Whether the movie takes place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or in a separate timeline of its own, remains a subject of debate. Rumours are even swirling that Tom Holland's Spidey will make an appearance. Given that Venom is the web-slinger's long-standing nemesis, that can't be out of the question.

The movie is released on 5th October. Check out the trailer and send us your responses @Cineworld.