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Why Logan and Deadpool have paved the way for the Venom movie


Venom has long been a favourite villain in the Spider-Man universe, and now he’s getting his own spin-off (not starring Zac Efron – that was an April Fool's gag, sorry fans!)

Last seen on-screen in Spider-Man 3, Venom, who begins life as photographer Eddie Brock before being taken over by a symbiote, will now be heading up his own, R-rated (15 in the UK, most likely) movie.

Last year’s Deadpool and this year’s Logan have shown there’s a market for more graphic, more sweary, more mature superhero flicks. Here’s why we think it’s the right approach for Venom…

Body horror

Venom as a character is one of Marvel’s more extreme, scarier villains. A symbiote, it attaches itself to its host’s body, and feeds off it. That’s some pretty serious body horror going down there. Maybe the Venom movie will have a icky David Cronenberg style to it.

Cronenberg, with movies such as Videodrome and eXistenZ, virtually invented the body horror flick, and we’d love to see some of his gory influence in the Venom movie. Logan already touched on this area as we saw Hugh Jackman's title character dealing with the debilitating pain of his adamantium claws, and let's not forget that Deadpool's visage beneath the mask is famously grotesque (albeit exploited for big laughs).


We first heard Wolverine utter the f-word in 2011’s X-Men: First Class, but Logan’s 15 rating allowed for a plethora of f-bombs. And Deadpool was a laugh-riot with its onslaught of hilariously filthy jokes. It may not be big or clever, but the odd swear word, judiciously placed, does make a movie more realistic. We can’t imagine someone seeing Venom and exclaiming "Crikey! Look at that bothersome creature over there!" or "Fiddlesticks! Venom’s escaped!"

More grown-up

As much as we love the standard X-Men movies, it was great to see Wolverine at the heart of a full-blooded grown-up drama. Many reviewers pointed out that Logan could well be the first ‘superhero’ movie to be in with a chance for a Best Picture nomination.

A 15-rated Venom film would allow the filmmakers to make a more mature movie. Normal Marvel movies pride themselves on being accessible for all ages, from 5 to 85, but aiming it at an older audience will give the writers and director the freedom to craft a more demanding story.

More extreme violence

One of the most striking things about Logan was how gruesome it was. But then he does have eight-inch claws, so of course it’s going to get messy. Except that when the X-Men movies were 12-certificate they couldn’t show the full, bloody effects of Wolverine’s stabbiness. A 15-rated Venom movie will be able to go full-tilt on the violence, adding to its realism.

It may well kickstart an R-rated universe

Sony are planning their own equivalent of the Marvel cinematic universe, set apart from the MCU. It’s going to kick off with Venom, and first films usually set the tone for the ones that follow, so we’re presuming this will be an R-rated movie universe. Reports suggest that Sony are going to follow Venom up with movies focused around Black Cat and Silver Sable, so expect those two to be aimed at an older audience also.

There's certainly potential here. Deadpool quashed all expectations to gross a mighty $783m worldwide in 2016, capitalising on its potty mouth, violence and cheeky attitude to emerge as one of the biggest February releases of all time. This year's Logan was released in a not-too-dissimilar timeframe on 1st March, and to date has amassed an enormous $585m worldwide.

Need we say more about the potential for an R-rated comic book universe?

Raunchy Romance

Superhero movies don’t usually exist in a world with physical romance. The only Marvel properties so far so get raunchy have been the 15-rated ones of Netflix. Also, Deadpool was more than a little risque when considering the lusty mindset of Ryan Reynolds' title character. A 15-rated Venom film may want to show a similar side to Eddie Brock...

What do you think about the possibility of an R-rated Venom movie? Send us your thoughts @Cineworld.