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The unmissable movies out this week


Welcome to this week's round-up of unmissable movies at Cineworld. As usual, there's a terrific mix on offer, including the big-screen spin-off from HBO's hit Entourage, the latest moving Nicholas Sparks romance, Ian McKellen's remarkable take on Sherlock Holmes, and top boy band Take That live in concert. So without further ado, here's the full round-up.


HBO's hit movie world satire comes to the big screen with a story that picks up where the eighth and final season finished in 2011. Don't worry if you haven't seen the TV show, as a clever plot device introduces all the main characters. Based loosely on Mark Wahlberg's experiences as a rising actor,  Entourage follows young A-list movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his childhood buddies from Queens through their hilarious Hollywood misadventures. In the film, lovably potty-mouthed super-agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) has landed a job as a studio boss and is persuaded to give Vincent $100m to make his own film. Trouble inevitably ensues, forcing hapless Ari to go cap-in-hand to a studio-bankrolling Texan oil tycoon (Billy Bob Thornton) and his sleazy son (Haley Joel Osment). Watch out for more celebrity cameos than you could shake a diamond-encrusted stick at!

The Longest Ride 

Everything Nicholas Sparks touches turns to gold. Many of his bestselling novels have become hit movies, including The Notebook, Dear John, The Lucky One, Safe Haven and The Best of Me. A typically moving tale of star-crossed lovers, The Longest Ride gives Clint Eastwood's hunky son Scott a star-making first lead role. He plays Luke, a former professional bull-rider from North Carolina who's looking to make a comeback after a nasty accident. Luke falls for student Sophia (Britt Robertson), but their romance seems doomed because she's about to take up her dream art world job in New York. Fate intervenes when the young couple save the life of elderly Ira Levinson (Alan Alda). As they learn about the extraordinary obstacles Ira faced in his own relationship with his late wife, their stories intertwine and the young couple's trials and tribulations are put into perspective.

Mr. Holmes 

Sherlock Holmes has undergone some remarkable reinventions in recent years, with Benedict Cumberbatch portraying a modern-day Sherlock on the telly and Robert Downey Jr giving us an action Sherlock in Guy Ritchie's enjoyable blockbusters. Now X-Men and The Hobbit star Ian McKellen reunites with Oscar-winning Gods and Monsters director Bill Condon for this sensitive, emotionally powerful and multi-layered new interpretation. Adapted by The Duchess screenwriter Jeffrey Hatcher from Mitch Cullin's novel A Slight Trick of the MindMr. Holmes casts McKellen as an elderly, increasingly forgetful Sherlock living in comfortable retirement in post-War Sussex. In his dotage, Sherlock becomes obsessed with the unsolved case that forced him into retirement.

Take That Live 2015 (only on 19 June)

Take That are officially the UK's most successful live act ever. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen bring their spectacular new show to London's iconic O2 arena. They're promising a feast for the eyes and ears, with all the hits plus dancing jellyfish, beautifully choreographed puppetry, a burning globe, pyros, fireworks and indoor rain. As if all that wasn't a big enough treat for fans, there's also a contemporary dance routine performed by Mark and Howard in a flying tandem sidecar that soars out over the crowd!  Take That Live 2015 is beamed live to Cineworld cinemas in stunning HD and surround sound on Friday 19 June.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (only on 21 June)

Julie Taymor is best known for her globally popular, award-winning stage reimagining of Disney's evergreen The Lion King. But film fans will also know that she's been responsible for two of the most striking Shakespeare adaptations ever seen on screen: the grisly Titus Andronicus and a gender-bending The Tempest. Now she brings her passions for stage, screen and the Bard together with a breathtakingly imaginative production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. This immersive film was shot during the show's New York run by Rodrigo Prieto, the cinematographer who collaborated with Taymor on the Oscar-winning Frida. It's showing at Cineworld on Sunday June 21st.

The Terminator (yes, the original one, only on 23 June) 

Before the eagerly anticipated upcoming Terminator Genisys arrives with a mind-blowing new spin on the Terminator franchise, Cineworld puts the film that started it all back on the big screen where it belongs. Back in 1984, James Cameron was a young, unknown director. Arnold Schwarzenegger's only notable credit was Conan the Barbarian. But together they created one of the greatest of all sci-fi action characters: The Terminator. Sent back from the future, Arnie's unstoppable cyborg killing machine is on a mission to assassinate waitress Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). It's the first time we heard Arnie say "I'll be back!" He certainly kept that promise. The Terminator is showing at Cineworld on Tuesday June 23rd.

Let us know on  Facebook and Twitter what films you're looking forward to seeing, and don't forget to check back next Wednesday for another round-up of the week's unmissable movies at Cineworld.